Map. History of Digital Sherlocks conflict

19 January 2018


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.@MaksCzuperski: Talking to interesting new local voices. But where specifically? Geolocate us DigitalSherlocks!2 month ago
[email protected]: Talking to interesting new local voices. But where specifically? Geolocate us #DigitalSherlocks!
Amnesty finds widespread abuses in rakhine myanmar, using active fire-detection data, satellite imagery, photographs, videos, testimony
Officials: Hurricane Irma could cause 4.1M customers to lose power in Florida
Irma: Current Scene In San Juan
The eye of Cat. 5 Hurricane Irma - @NASA
[email protected]: Our global Geolocation challenge is nearing its end but not just yet. Who can sind this spot? #DigitalSherlocks. 3 2 1 Go! ???
Unknown location
Maks Czuperski: Spoiler alert Digital Sherlocks! We've been in Kenya the last few days—Anyone know where this is? Geolocation Challenge as #KenyaDecides?
After stone throws are exchanged, attempts to deescalate tensions in Nairobi's Kibera slum
[email protected]: We've hit the road again—Great ride @UN—Anyone know where the DigitalSherlocks were? Few final stops left on our geolocation challange. ?
Military echelon at Minsk-Paunocny
Unknown location
[email protected]: Thanks for a wonderful time in Nepal—We're already at our next stop! Know our route so far? @Liveuamap? #DigitalSherlocks
Unknown location
@MaksCzuperski: Just missed rush our here. Anyone knows where that is? Facts matter that's why our #DigitalSherlocks ? Geolocation Challange continues.
Unknown location
[email protected]: We are looking for coffee. Who know's where we are and where to find some? Geolocation challenge continues! #DigitalSherlocks
[email protected]: [email protected] has been able to show her #DigitalSherlocks skills in our geolocation challenge but can she find us before someone else will?
[email protected]: In front of you InVito hotel, the violet piece is KL Tower.
[email protected]: Final shot from Malaysia. But where? And can you drawn up the route of this year's ? #Geolocation Challenge? Answers at #DigitalSherlocks!
[email protected]: Next stop, late night snack! But where? #DigitalSherlocks practicing Geolocation into the night. ?
[email protected]: Then tried to see what angle Maks' photo was taken, knew they were running in a "jungle' ,visible hills, and this worked well (more or less)
[email protected]: The building I was searching for, seen on Maks photo is Manera Telekom. So I took to Google Earth. Lucky again, there was 3d of the building
[email protected]: Decided to google with "country + skyscraper" (or city) and tried one of the destinations first, that is Malaysia. Big luck in 1st attempt.
[email protected]: There you go, step 1. Check Maks' previous tweets, got a clue. Checked the departures around the hour he posted (needed to adjust hours).
[email protected]: Trail running through the jungle with our friends—but where? Extra points for those that find specific trail. #DigitalSherlocks
[email protected]: It's Changi Airport Singapore. Can't say the gate, but there are only two spots where you could have recorded it.
[email protected]: Moving on #DigitalSherlocks but where are we? Global Geolocation challenge continues ft. @MaksCzuperski
[email protected]: Quite the storm coming on during the @DFRLab Global Geolocation Challenge. Anyone know where we are observing from? #DigitalSherlocks go!
[email protected]: Quick refreshment break during our @DFRLab Global Geolocation challange. Who know where we are at DigitalSherlocks?
@hewasahero: The view's from the East side of the domestic (not international) end of T3, looking approx NE (screenshot is from Baidu)
Unknown location
[email protected]: More from us on route. Track us before we arrive at our next destination. 3 2.. 1.. geolocate and use #DigitalSherlocks to share answers!
Unknown location
[email protected]: Keep at it! And tweet back your answers using #DigitalSherlocks for a chance to win a #DFRLab shirt.
[email protected]: Our 2018 global geolocation challenge has begun. Tweet us your solutions using #DigitalSherlocks @DFRLab for a chance to win cool rewards!